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Premiere and further June screenings in Vienna

After arriving exhausted from Busan we finally managed to screen ‘The Doppelganger’ last Wednesday here in Vienna. ‘Sonate’ a film by Anna Mitterer was shown as the starter film. Nearly 300 people have watched the film in 2 screenings at the pleasant Topkino. Thank you all for coming and celebrating our Vienna release. For those who missed the film, please feel free to visit Topkino on the following four sundays in June at 12.30 pm. You will have the chance to see ‘The Doppelganger’ as the supporting film of the usual Sunday Brunch program of the Topkino.

Thank you Busan International Short Film Festival

‘Gamsa Hamida’ a lot (literally translated from Korean: thx a lot). It was such a superb experience to spend 5 days  in Busan which is the second biggest city in South Korea. Not only to praise the very good organized BISFF but also the overwhelming warmth of all the people we met. Over 90 people were working for the BISFF and there were at least 70 young volunteers who did their job with lots of fun and passion.So much to say…

For us it was also very exciting to meet so many young directors from Asia (and not to forget Platon from Australia.-). We spend time together in the screening, partying, hiking and also afterwards eating. It was very enriching thus sharing experiences. Last but not least we surprisingly obtained at the closing ceremony the second biggest festival award, the so called Excellence Award. We were completely overwhelmed about this event because there were many films we have watched deserving awards. So this generous benefit hit us really hard. Gamsa hanida BISFF! Here we want to thank separately Lydia who was a kind of personal masterbrain for us and Kim Sun-hee who selected our work and invited us to the festival. It was great fun to spend time with you and all the others in Busan. Hope to serve you also with this great hospitality when you visit us here in Austria.

We entered the Short Film Corner in Cannes

‘Der Doppelgänger’ goes Cannes. We are looking forward to meet you there form May 13th to May 22nd 2009.  We hope to get  entertained there by some shorts in several tiny shallow booths.-)


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