Busan Screening Details

The international premiere of “Der Doppelgaenger” takes place on Thursday, 13th May at 9pm, within the International Short Prism 2 program. A second screening follows on the last day of BISFF on Sunday, 16th May at 12pm. Both screenings take place at the Lotte Cinema Centumcity Arte. Ticket details here.

The films in the Short Film Prism 2, as listed in the program are following:

  • The Happy Life, directed by Minos Nikolakakis
  • Er Ren (For Two), directed by Shijie Tan
  • Whoever You Are,  directed by Kimjoe Young-hyun
  • Mei Ling, directed by Francois-Leroy and Stephanie Lansaque
  • Der Doppelgaenger, directed by Stephanie Winter

Yesterday (12th May) Stephanie and me stepped on the red carpet before the opening ceremony took place. It was a great event with loads of surprises. When we get the pics to underline the story it will be published here. We will be very lucky to meet and talk to you at the screening. See you at the cinema.

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